November 15, 2016

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What is Helpkin?

November 15, 2016

​Helpkin is an app for parents to save money on childcare by trading babysitting duties with people they trust.


Our app helps parents save hundreds a month by sharing babysitting responsibilities with other parents instead of simply paying for childcare.


With Helpkin, parents can meet local parents, whether they are from the children's school, their church, community, or the general public. However, if someone already has a core group of friends they do this with (like a babysitting co-op), Helpkin acts as a simple tool to facilitate the babysitting requests (Helpkin requests).


When a user has a list of trusted connections, a Helpkin request can be created to quickly ask everyone for babysitting help with a push/email notification (unlike sending a painful group text). 


We aim to make it easier to help each other out from date night swaps to last-minute help while saving hundreds a month in the meantime!


We are preparing to launch a private beta iOS and Android app for parents of Southern California to use free of charge in exchange for feedback. 


Sign up on our homepage to join the private beta!

Specific Features


In our Beta version, users will be able to access ALL of these features for free: 

(Free features subject to change after Beta version)



Play before Signing Up

Once you download the app, you won't be immediately prompted to create an account. You can browse through nearby users, narrow users with filters and more to get a feel for the app first.



Browse and filter through nearby users to find compatible families that you can trade babysitting duties with.





  • Browse

    • Browse through nearby users (mostly other parents) to try and find like-minded parents that would be willing to trade babysitting duties. 

    • If you sign up through Facebook, we will push people you may know to the top. 

  • Filter 

    • Network

      • If you found out about us through your: kid's school, church, parent group, housing community, etc., you can narrow down by parents that are only in this network. (Let us know if you would like your network to be on Helpkin) 

    • Proximity

      • In case you only feel like driving a maximum of 10 miles from home.

    • ​Adult's Age Range

      • Sometimes you don't understand all the Millennial jargon and would rather not get matched with them.

    • Special Needs & Special Diet

      • Narrow down users that are ready, willing, and able to assist your child with special needs and/or a special diet. We care about our crunchy parents! 

    • Maximum Number of Children

      • You may not be comfortable matching with that family of 9.

    • Child's age range

      • In case your 7 year-old is too cool for an infant

    • Kids' Genders

      • Boys can be a handful... we get it.

  • Search

    • Search for someone you know already on Helpkin by first/last name or email address. 

  • Message

    • ​Start a conversation with like-minded users and set up a meet-n-greet to see if your families can trade babysitting.

  • Trust

    • ​Send a trust request (our version of a friend request) to people you trust (from people you already know in the community to parents you recently met offline from Helpkin).


Requests (Message Center) 

Instead of a dreadful group text, create a Helpkin (babysitting) request that will individually ping the users in your trusted circle so someone can help you out. 

  • Helpkin Requests (babysitting request)

    • Information to be included/modified in a Helpkin request:

      • Date

      • Time

      • Description

      • Which trusted users receive the request

      • Which children of yours you need help for

    • These requests can be deleted by going into any user's message that you sent it to and delete it from there. 

  • Trust Requests (friend requests)

    • When you send or receive a trust request, these will show up in your messages tab and you will be able to accept or deny incoming ones there.

  • Trusted Connections List 

    • In your message center, you will be able to see a list of users that you already trust.

  • Messages

    • Messages from trusted friends or Helpkin users in the community will show up in the message center. 


Create a Profile

  • Facebook Login

    • So you don't have to remember the 14th password and can use your pretty profile photo.

  • About You

    • The community wants to know why you joined Helpkin and learn a little more about yourself! 

  • Child Profiles

    • Basic info such as birthdates and genders are asked to help you match with other compatible families.


We are excited to share Helpkin with the world. If you want your network (kid's school, your church, community, parent group, etc.) to be a network listed in the app, please let us know!


Don't forget to join the private beta from our homepage! 


It takes a village,




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