November 15, 2016

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Babysitting Coops Aren't Going Away

June 4, 2016

I always tell someone without kids: think about all the current expenses you need to pay each month, then double them.... now subtract half the time you have in your life.


According to, 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Being a parent isn't how it used to be like the 70's where we could probably find a well-paying job after high school to afford a family of three with a single income. 


Different technology companies have recently appeared trying to help busy parents exchange babysitting duties with other moms/parents in the area using babysitting coops (pronounced "co - op," as in "cooperatives"). These babysitters cooperatives have been around for years, usually when a mom realizes she doesn't need to hire a potentially inexperienced babysitter since she is already friends with mostly other parents and can ask them to start trading babysitting shifts.


While many tech startups are solely trying to leverage the existing coop model, we believe the trust and help is closer than 12 miles away with a group of 7 families. Babysitter coops work for some, but not all. For those that it works perfectly for, more power to them. We support sharing babysitting duties with community members that want to help, such as other parents. This is a great way to save money and is only growing.


The Wall Street Journal published an article telling these groups to grow-up, but we disagree. Even, the leader in the paid childcare industry, has included a new area of its website within the last year to find or create local babysitter coops.


We are in a thriving sharing economy. If you don't have cash, but have a car, you can now drive for Uber. If you don't have money, but you have an extra bedroom, you can now rent it out with AirBnB. We understand parents have less money now more than ever, so when you need a night off -- you can now Helpkin.







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